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New Batch March 4th 2021

Learn the secret skill behind EVERY success

A good negotiation is music to the mind, and could help you save 1000’s of dollars every year.

I learnt the most valuable lessons of negotiation from my music teacher. Learn how to negotiate prices, activities, rates, relationships and getting the best sponsors

Advit Sahdev

Did you know that Taylor Swift made the news on her bold negotiation with Spotify for taking a stand that music should be paid for? And negotiation can be the sound of music when you can negotiate a flight or hotel upgrade, a car, dress, or shoe colour, a fancy dinner, a relationship, a better designation, a few extra online likes, your increment, workload, special attention, and anything else that you can wish for. 

Negotiation is like a perfectly crafted song and ANYONE can learn it with ease.

Learn 75 PRO Ways to Negotiate with anyone, in any situation, in just 4 hours, and at your convenience

I have used Negotiation for every bit of my success

Hi, I am Advit Sahdev, and I have negotiated at every stage of my life. Like a Pro! I have used Negotiation for every bit of my success and it’s been phenomenal. My negotiation method has helped me:

And I am very excited to bring this method to you. I am confident that with these techniques you’ll be a negotiation pro in no time! 


So if you are ready to change your life. Buckle up, and hop on! 


Love,  Advit

While customer is King, there is still potential to negotiate for a win-win.

  • Learn to negotiate with sellers on pricing, quality, delivery times, colour or variety, accessories or additional discounts, future transactions, and a lot more. 
  • Negotiate in a way that makes the seller work with you again and again despite your hard negotiation methods. 

  • Learn to say no to discounts and still sell more. 
  • Show the real value of your product and move away from price discussions. 
  • Learn to sell even before the price is discussed. 
  • Build trust, rapport, create loyalty, and generate multiple sales with every possible customer

  • Learn to negotiate your salary, get a better raise, get appreciation, get faster promotions.
  • Build closer and tighter relationships with your peers and team. 
  • Become the favourite of your superiors and get to work on what you want, how you want, and on your schedule.

  • Learn to negotiate working hours, projects, team and individuals’ productivity, their incentive plans, their fixed and variable salaries. 
  • Use the same concepts for negotiation with vendors, third parties, investors, and other stakeholders.

  • Learn to negotiate on pricing, terms and conditions, repeat business, and freebies
  • Create win-win situations and ensure that no deal falls through because of a lack of negotiation skills. 

  • Learn to negotiate a more meaningful relationship by ensuring proper work distribution, mutual acknowledgement, strong trust and bonding, space and trust, love, caring, and support.

  • Learn to build lasting relationships. 
  • A relationship with a friend, a family member, a colleague, or anyone close to you needs a lot of subtle negotiations so that they "buy" your point of view. 
  • Be fair and negotiate to get and give the most to a nurturing relationship

  • Learn to negotiate with your children to ensure that they understand what you say. 
  • Get them excited and motivated to do what you want them to do - spend time with family, learn family values, become a key member of making a happy family, and do not become rebellious in nature. 
  • All this, with full support, voluntary participation, and appreciation for your efforts.

  • Negotiate with your parents to not be so strict with you, give you your time and space, allow you to choose your friends, your hobbies, interests, and career, and all this with a complete appreciation for you.

  • Negotiate better course enrolments and better grades. 
  • Get more time and attention from your teachers
  • Get respect from fellow students in a natural, friendly, and upbeat manner

  • Negotiate your way with your students to get more attention, more respect and dedication, better performance, and improved results. 
  • All this in a manner that is collaborative, friendly, and that makes you more approachable and desirable as a teacher.

  • Negotiate with a stranger at an airport, a cab driver, a security man, a bus driver, a receptionist, or anyone else from whom you need small favours (or sometimes big ones). 
  • Learn to negotiate in a way that makes them want to do it, rather than forcing it on them. 

  • Interact online with confidence, over live calls, chats, business posts, Content in any form, including recorded videos.
  • Learn powerful negotiation methods that are most useful in today's online world. 

Learn all this and more with

Negotiation PRO

New Batch March 4th 2021

4 hours Power Content

75 PRO Negotiation Methods with Super High Quality Crisp and Actionable Content.

Global Case Studies

Case studies in every setting that demonstrate the power of negotiation and techniques that get you the best results

Unlimited Access

Watch as many times as you want, on a mobile app, laptop, desktop, browser, or tablet.

Swipe Files

Documented collection of scripts that you can start using immediately for your daily negotiations in your business, relationship, with your teams, family, students, teacher's and practically anyone you meet!


Detailed step-by-step guidance on how you should plan your discussions, communications, deals and also what special tricks and methods you can use when you need to negotiate on the spot in an unexpected situation.

One Click Access

Learn as you "go". Practically on the move. Access the content anytime, anywhere, and just before any critical negotiation. Just download the mobile app, log on to the course, and negotiate like a pro to get what you want.


Interact with Advit on a live webinar and get your questions answered! 


This Course may NOT be for you, because


This course is only for serious learners and for people who seriously want to excel in their lives. If you are looking for discounts, money-back guarantees, Bonus content or material, freebies, and so on, then this is not the time for you to take this course.

This course is also not for you if you don’t:  

-believe that negotiations can truly change your life

-have 4 hours of learning time

want Quick-wins which work for sure 

-fall into the category of the ambitious and growth-oriented

deserve such powerful methods

-trust online courses.

want to make progress in your life

-trust that you can learn it with ease

So you can leave & do something else.
Trust your instincts & change your life forever

If you are looking to get the greatest skill of your life, at a price cheaper than a dinner party, then join in. I am here to make you an expert negotiator, just like I have done for thousands of people across the world.

What We Cover

In this section, you will learn about what great negotiators do even before they start negotiating. In many cases, it’s the pre-work that makes all the difference and a prepared negotiator has a better chance to negotiate in their favour. You will also learn the tricks and hacks to game the pre-negotiation activity and become a pro in no time.

In this section, you will learn about the trigger words, the emotion enhancers, the anchors, the key questions, and many more concepts that will give you an immediate edge in any negotiation.

In this section, you will learn about the art and science of getting the final commitment. You will learn about closing the deal, getting the commitment, the agreement, and a lot more from your counterpart, with flamboyance and grace.

In this section, you will learn about the key aspect of any negotiation, which is to maintain a long-term relationship even after the deal is done and to make sure that all the involved parties have a great deal of respect and admiration for each other.

In this section, you will learn about the methods and scenarios in which you can continue your regular practice and excel at negotiating.

About Your Instructor

Advit Sahdev is India’s true Digital Marketing and E-commerce expert! Advit Sahdev grew from starting a digital marketing company, ODigMa, to working with Fortune 500 Global brands and then selling the venture for millions!

Advit went on to become the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Infibeam, which is a listed company on the Indian Stock exchange, leading a team of 200+ people. He is also a best-selling Author of several books and a guest lecturer at eminent B-schools.

Today, Advit is an eminent Keynote speaker, a digital consultant and a mentor to large corporates, powerful individuals and also young entrepreneurs! His most recent entrepreneurial venture is called HUNCH. An online ecosystem where entrepreneurs can learn, connect and succeed together!

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