The Golden Ads Strategy

There are tons and tons of content writers, Ad agencies, Brand companies and so called Gurus, who will tell you who to create an Ad.

They will tell you how their method will help you generate 5-10X more sales

How their methods have been tested by 100s of corporations

How their methods have generated so much business, that they just can’t believe

Some of them will give some credit to others

Rest of them will take most of the credit

But the FACT is simple

  1. Ads are TECH enabled these days with hyper personalisation
  2. Your audience is ALWAYS multi-tasking
  3. You don’t know if your audience is interested or just casually browsing
  4. The amount of information (ads) an average person watches is insanely high
  5. It is just impossible to predict which Ad will work the first time, or which FORMULA will make you a Millionaire or a Billionaire
Hey WAIT !!!  The most important factor is relevance. You have to be Topical.

and the most important part just might be – Today’ date

Happy April
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